Haulin’ Ass coming in May 2016:

Fernweh 1200x1200pxArtist: Heiko Laux
Title: Haulin’ Ass
Label: Kanzleramt
Cat-No.: ka171
LC-Code: 03750
Distribution: Finetunes | Decks
Release: April 28th 2016
Formats: 12″ | digital

Produced alongside his latest Klockworks EP, Haulin’ Ass marks Heiko Laux’s return to his own Kanzleramt label, following up a string of remixes of his much loved album, Fernweh. Haulin’ Ass is one of those rare releases that feels produced simultaneously for the club and for those listening at home.
The short opening track sets the tone for what’s to come, with pungent, atmospheric chords and weightless percussion hanging over a thick bass line and a slow kick drum. This is followed up by the club-ready title track. Haulin’ Ass’s straight up kick drum propels its fierce arpeggio and cinematic echoes. Behind this, tightly enveloped white noise moves in and out of time, adding disorientating rhythmic complexity.
The EP’s third track is a short excursion into dangerously acidic territory, and is definitely one for Heiko’s more adventurous listeners. Onyx, the final track, picks up this acidic thread and places it firmly in the club. Of the four, this is the one you’ll be hearing across Europe this summer. That’s not to say that Heiko plays it safe here, rather he takes this deep track in an unexpected direction. Towards its end it opens up into smooth pads before the powerful kick drum and bass lead return, undoubtedly alongside frenzied fist pumping.

      An Elephant in the Silver Box

      Haulin' Ass

      Lil' 7


Quotes about “Haulin’ Ass” so far:

Laurent Garnier:
Dear Heiko
As allways your music does it to me :-D))))
Looooove this one again
You Rock !!!!

Mark Broom:
Onyx. Yes please sir!

Gary Beck:
holy bollocks, this release is outstanding. ONYX and HAULIN ASS – I’ll be playing this for a long time. brilliant
Thanks for sending

The Advent:
Onyx & Haulin ass are my favs, will play them for sure. thx

Angel Molina:
‘An Elephant in the Silver Box’ sounds lovely, not really playable in my sets, but lovely. Also good ‘Haulin’ Ass’, killer track.
As expected, my support to the next Kanzleramt, thanks.

Ben Sims:
solid ep. onyx the cut for me, thx!!

Len Faki:
an elephant in the silver box & hauling’ ass are simply dope!
thX Len

dope, thank you for the music!

haulin’ ass is a bomb. thumbs up!

Nihad Thule:
onyx for me, great!

Christian Smith:
bring back the rave!!!! can’t wait to play this tomorrow at womb!!!

Steve Rachmad:


Crazy Sonic, Vienna:
Perefect set opener with An Elephant in the silver box, Onyx is a fantastic track as well..i like!!

Ray Kajioka:
FINALLILLY!! there it is.
I like to have the Elephant rather on vinyl than in the Silver Box Funky Haulin’ Ass. Nice Lil 7.
But “Onyx” is my favorite here!! Was waiting for this since I heard it first time via the phone.
All in all, a nice refreshing release.

Jonas Kopp:
Onyx is the one for me ! thanks.

Fresh direction! Elephant + Haulin for us
great work

Fabrice Lig:
Hmmmm ! Superb release once again…No doubt Heiko stills one of the best techno producer around ! Solid, super shaped, intelligent, thats how techno has to be ! Full support on all the tracks.

Inigo Kennedy:
Nice! Great production on these. Will play!

Luis Flores:
Always a fan of Heiko’s work…

Vasili Borisov:
Cool EP! All 4 tracks are very good. And yeah, first track sounds like a real Elephant in Silver Box Thanks!!

Yammy release, support!

Soren Aalberg:
love it

Adam Beyer:
excellent stuff! Haulin for me

YES PLEASE.. Haulin and Lil 7 for me!

Alan Fitzpatrick:
massive bombs! love it

Marco Nastic:
love t. tnx

Vince Watson:
Haulin Ass and Onyx are dope!

Dustin Zahn:
It’s all about Onyx for me! But the real winner of this EP is clearly the title!

Nice one Heiko!

Great new release Heiko! I particularly like Haulin’ Ass and Onyx. Will play these for sure!