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Fernweh | 2xLP | digital

Fernweh 1200x1200pxArtist: Heiko Laux
Title: Fernweh
Label: Kanzleramt
Cat-No.: ka167
LC-Code: 03750
Distribution: Finetunes | I Play Vinyl
Release: November 27th 2014
Format: 2xLP | digital





      There There



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KA167 | 2xLP | digital | release November 27th

The twentieth anniversary of Kanzleramt marks a significant milestone in the career of Heiko Laux. Label owner since the beginning in 1994, he brings to us his impressive fifth solo album filling a void in contemporary electronic music. Keeping consistent to his style, rhythmically challenging patterns flutter throughout the album making it a solid, coherent 8-piece composition. Hints of Detroit techno permeate the collection with drastic chord changes that gently tinker with the boundary between techno and trance.

With nature as a strong influence in the creative process, the replication of its kookaburra trill can be found throughout each piece. However, the bird itself carries significance in this collection, as it is a migratory bird that can found in many habitats similar to an individual suffering from fernweh.

With the first track “Brace” as a smooth introductory to the album, a steady downtempo slowly climbs into a persuasive bass-line setting the tone for the succeeding tracks. “Hexagon” on the other hand dives straight into a deep resounding kick making it clear this collection is also effective on the dance floor. The title track, “Fernweh,” plays a significant role in the essence of the album not only toying with its definition but in its resonating tone. With the meaning as a desire to be anywhere but the familiar, simultaneously distorted violins and ominous organs embody a longing for a far off land. Slow pattering hi-hats filled with reverb resonate to resemble a timeless techno sound. Imagination wanders far and wide wondering if we are on earth or traveling far out into the constellations.

“Neutron,” the fourth track on the album acts a perfect mediator, cutting the compilation into two whilst keeping consistent with galactic sonorities, it makes way for the next track “There There”. With its bouncing bass that mimics a throbbing acid line, it is a powerful track made with the dance floor in mind as it climaxes into rhythmic cymbals. “Shimmer” arrives with perfect timing, acting as a short peacemaker cleansing the palate. With its calming tone, the overlaying palpitations, it longingly awaits the heavy kick of “Rowing.” Consistent of the albums modulating notes and references to remoteness, its title references the journey of not only listening but also creating this collection as a whole. With “Align” as a very powerful final track, it slowly begins to decompress, each note beginning to vanish gently helping you land with feet back on the ground.

It is with great passion and experience that Heiko Laux is able to bring to us such an emotive and climactic selection as Kanzleramt continues to occupy the abyss in today’s techno culture.




What others say about “Fernweh”:
Michel De Hey:
heiko! heard a lot of it already with other people:) so  i already know a few , great job!
Jel Ford:
Very cool album from a very cool artist. There there is the track for me.
Louis Flores:
In my phone on repeat!
The Advent:
Great sound structures Heiko..
Brace, :Synths go into some hypnotic insane patterns..
Hexagon : The synth Stabb’s, fucking jacking m8..   ……………reminds me of chicgo..
Fernweh : Deep smooth & silky tech for sure..
Neutron  : Experiments with rhythm & sound in… …..Electronic music is good data.
There there :Very Motor city Vibe to the high end     …………happenings in this track..
Shimmer  : We Need more Ambient this madness..
Rowing  : You know your king of the sub realm m8, so      …………….this one really is pushing it deep & low.
Align  : Nice sonic emotion on this, subtle & driving at the same time..
10 / 10//
Helmut Ebritsch (Klartraum):
I like musicians that are not doing any compromises to the current wave of what is “IN”. Heiko has his own sound which sounds like futuristic, metallic endless allies in a hi-tech universum.
Hexagon and Align are my favorites so far but this album needs some more deep listening sessions.
Vince Watson:
Title track is stunning!! There There is also a beauty
Keith Carnal:
Bad music.. 🙁 No kidding! Love it!! Very Heiko Laux-ish
Favorite is “There There”, but very hard to choose! All very good, so congrats on this one! Thanks!
Kr!z, Token:
can’t wait to give this a good listen. sounds good
Gabriel Ananda:
Sehr schönes Album! Viele gute Clubstücke im Heiko Laux signature Style.
Hexagon is in my Case already. Massive Ibiza bomb. Will destroy the dancefloor.
Material Object:
i think this is the best work you’ve done in a long time.. well done 🙂
Patrick Siech:
What an album my friend!!! Super diverse, beautiful and very interesting to listen to! Just found myself losing track of time listening to promo page, doesn’t happen very often 🙂
Alexander Kowalski:
Yes! I was waiting for this so long! Welcome back Heiko. Big Quality!
Gabriel Le Mar:
absolutely brilliant and versatile album!
Most appealing tunes for me are the Dubtechno pearls of HEXAGON, ROWING and ALIGN,
and totally outstanding is the beautifuly shimmering SHIMMER, great flow and music with lots of soul!
Big-up + respect Heiko.
Angel Molina:
Absolutely into this work, Brace / Fernweh / Shimmer and Rowing are fantastic.
Thanks a lot!
Christian Smith:
gratuliere!!!! super album! warm und fett!
Alland Byallo:
With these productions, brilliant as ever, it’s clear that Heiko Laux is a legend of techno and just plain unstoppable. Free from cliché, understated yet powerful. 10/10 Favorite cuts: Align and Hexagon!
Paul Brtschitsch:
“fernweh” um nicht zu sagen heimweh…habe öfters an dich gedacht, als ich bei pflanzen lück in ockstadt bestellungen abgeholt habe…good old wetterau!…dort wo alles begann 😉 meiner einer mittlerweile im galabau tätig, aber hier und da noch den einen oder anderen gig spielend. somit defintiv “there there”, “shimmer” und “align”, die ich spielen würde. sehr schönes album, obengenanntes meine favoriten!
Edwin Oosterwal:
Congrats with the album! Some really cool tracks and great general vibe.
Paul Mac:
Hexagon is the one for the floor here but also really liking align
Alex Bau:
great, just great technomusic! hexagon for sure for my sets and floors, the other maybe too, but for some high quality travelmates! techno with soul and a flavour, yes…
Pascal FEOS:
greiles album!!
liebe grüsse
Pär Grindvik:
beauty! feeling the whole thing, well done heiko!
Joel Mull:
At last.
I have been road testing Hexagon Fernweh and the mighty There There for some time now.
Lucky me!
There There is the mighty closing track that i had had the pleasure to play in almost every set of mine This Year.
All the tracks on this album fits together like hand in the Glove. It is a complete album.
Love it to pieces.
Thank you for the Music!!
Ray Kajioka:
fernweh is killer! i like it. 🙂
Philipp Straub, Titan Vienna:
Great tunes! Full support!
Benny Rodriguez, ROD:
you are the man heiko.. so good!!
Darko Esser:
Congrats Heiko on this stunning piece of work! I love it!!
Fabrice Lig:
Super good ! Love all the tracks, pure H.Laux style, well produced, different styles and always good !
Rocco Caine:
Shimmer, ThereThere, Neutron, Hexagon, Brace, Align and Rowing are great!
Roberto Kai-Zen:
Fantastic! Great Album Heiko, especially loving Align 🙂
Soren Aalberg:
Marcel Dettmann:
awesome music as always, heiko! and what a groove!! there there is my fave out of all the tracks, but i’m gonna play quite a handful of them. thumbs up!
Vasili Borisov, Moscow:
Amazing release! Great example how real and conceptual techno album should sounds this days.Love it!
Dustin Zahn:
This is a ridiculously good album and I think it features some of your strongest material in recent times. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I will easily be playing a number of tracks in my upcoming sets. Proud of you! Let’s speak soon!
Rowing and Hexagon are great! Looking forward to playing a lot of them.
Martin Kling, Stockholm:
Heiko !!!! Big up
Truncate aka Audio Injection:
Wicked stuff!!
Santiago Salazar:
I love the energy of ‘Hexagon’,  the creativeness of ‘Neutron’ and the deepness of ‘There There’.  Great album!
Marc Romboy:
Wow, Brace is simply sound aesthetics par excellence!!! All traxx full ace!!!
Chris Colburn:
Fantastic music! Hexagon rocks, Fernweh too. There There is really sweet – I remember you playing this at Arena, was awesome
Hendrick, Sender Berlin:
OMG…what a BLAST. Already the first track…epic!! Its LAUX but 2014!!!
Stassy, Sender Berlin:
grandioses Album und 100% Laux!!! Ich bin absolut begeistert und zwar von allen Titeln…
Gregor Tresher:
YES!!! Stunning work by Heiko again! Superfresh & classic sounding at the same time – something only very few producers manage to deliver. Will definitely chart this high up in my November Top ten. Wow.
Alexi Delano:
Thank you for sending it to me again!
Loved all of it!!
DJ Emerson, CLR:
great album by heiko…. will test it out this weekend
Laurent Garnier:
I am an old fan …. and still loving it ;-D
Thanks mate
Funk D’Void:
bloody hell this fucking amazing!!
Heiko Laux for President!!
love all the tracks!
Ben Sims:
plenty of heat on here, hexagon is my fave but will support more. wavs pls. thx!
Marko Nastić:
Josh Wink:
more good varied techno from Heiko! Nice stuff my man!
Sven von Thülen, Suol:
Booom! Smashing album. Heiko Laux magic at its best.
Marcel Janovsky:
Hexagon & Align for me (and the floors i’ll play it). thanks!
great tunes Heiko – thanx
Bas Mooy
High quality, as expected! Will play! Thanks!!
Heiko knows how to work with sound, good album!
excellent work again
Alexi Delano
So good to see Heiko back in full effect!!
Daniel Stefanik
full support. one of my hero from the past!!! thx a lot for inspiring me heiko! 😉
Adam Beyer
love heiko stuff, need some time with this.
Stephan Bodzin
W O W what a superphat artist album!!!!!!!!! neutron, fernweh, there there are my favs so far, but actually there´s not one filler in here. my honest respect for such an intense and highly emotional work. one of the best longplayers in 2014 for sure. thanks heiko for keeping it up for so many years and still beeing one of the leading producers out there. 10/10
Love it, schönes Album
Samuel L Session
Really good album. Classic and solid.
Steve Rachmad / STERAC
After a difficult time ending up bankrupt with the going down of his former distribution I think this is a very strong come back by mister Heiko Laux!! Great diverse album! Welcome back mister Laux!!
Edit Select
Nice work will be playing a few of these align , hexagon , shimmering —) thank you
Daniel Bortz:
still a big fan of Heiko !!!
wow great lp. really like it.
Oliver Bondzio:
Hört sich beim ersten reinhören sehr interessant an ! War schon immer ein grosser Fan von Heiko.Muss mir allerdings das ganze Album komplett reinstylen….
Sasha Carassi:
Great release!Loveee it!
2000 and One:
Sounds like a very nice album with lot’s of floor burners, thank you:)
Rich Jones:
Awesome stuff man! I’m seriously loving the more soul healing, synth noodly vibes of tracks like Neutron and Shimmer – the latter track is utterly beautiful. I could get lost in that synth for a long time! Loving Fernweh and the chilled but dancefloor friendly Align. All of this is drenched in near-spiritual, holistic warmth. Amazing stuff, as always. Can’t wait to download and listen further. Thanks 🙂
Crazy Sonic, Flex Vienna:
like a lot! clear and direct!
Marcel Fengler:
I´m digging the deeper approaches on the album. Fernweh and Shimmer are the ones for me! Thanks
Jackmate aka Soulphiction:
ganz gross!
macht total lust, selbst mal wieder etwas techno abzuliefern 🙂
kann ich das bitte downloaden?!
Leandro Gámez:
Well it was worth the wait of the new Heiko’s album and i’m not going to say this time that i prefer this or other track, because this is a fabulous work from the beginning to the end. Even more, i could say this is the best techno album i’ve listened (carefully) this 2014. Congratulations!!!.
Pelacha, Madrid:
Heiko, really spectacular, I can not select a track, all are for me the best!
Kyle Geiger:
Love the whole album….will play a few of these in my sets…and will enjoy listening to all of it!  Good work Heiko!
Renato Cohen:
Really cool album!
“Hexagon” and “Aling” sounding great here.
Will listen everything more carefully
Darren, Soma Records:
Great collection of tunes. Real feeling in there
Claude Young:
Heiko never let’s his fans down! This is another winner from one of the best producers in the game. Standout tracks are Hexagon, Fernweh, There There, Shimmer & Align.
Brilliant as always!